My First Building

Building 1
Front of building (rainy day)

I was traveling along the expressway to meet one of my daughters for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Midway between Highway 99E and I-205 is a 2-story office building. I have never failed to glance at it as I pass by it to my destinations. Today though I turned into the parking lot to snap a few pictures and reassure myself that the building was adequately designed.

Why do I do this? For fear that maybe I did something wrong and do not want that to happen? Structural engineers tend to be very critical which I guess is good so we can evaluate design adequately.

At the time that I designed the building I was employed with a company that mostly engaged in designing sawmills and components for them. Our state made some political changes over the years at that time which caused many, if not all, to close down. We managed to find sawmill work in Canada. From time to time we did work for a local architect and he had contacted us to design a steel structure to support his office building that he was contracted to architecturally design.

I was asked to research for design software to analyze the steel structure, of which we then purchased a software package and then I was commissioned to install, learn to operate and finally design the building. We presented our data to the architect and he completed the overall design.

To this day, the building stands as a monument for me as my first major structural building project. The rest is history.

Front and south side
Front and south side

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