Eight Days and Counting

Eight days and counting until the start of our Architects in School program begins. The two teachers have collaborated on the course they plan to take during this time for the students. The project goals are as follows:

“Our neighborhood bridge is closed for repairs for two years. By studying this element of our community we can examine transportation at a deeper level and connect with users, planners, and the decision makers to develop and understand the needs of our community.”

Students will:

  • Develop a historical perspective on the role of transportation and infrastructure (bridges and their effects on the growth of communities).
  • Design and construct a bridge to serve a specific community.
  • Research issues in regards to the restoration of the Oregon City/West Linn Bridge and future utilization of the Blue Heron Property.
  • Research the time line of public transportation in the community.
  • Identify how the bridge use has changed over time.
  • Develop design criteria for a bridge and the surrounding property to serve the specific needs of the community.
  • Build models of the bridge and proposed redevelopment of the Blue Heron Property using planning, measurement and construction criteria.

Although the real world application and design would be far more complex than this, the students are getting a chance to see how the real world operates.

On March 7th, Tim, the resident architect, and I will present to the students what we do in the working world. Though I am a structural engineer, it will be helpful for the students to understand the component of the structural engineer in relations to the project architect. Just as our human body needs bones to operate effectively, so do buildings and bridges need some reliable structure. I plan on showing a slide show of some of the projects I have worked on in my career, especially Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescues’ Station 59 which was recently re-built blocks away from the school, something the students see everyday. This should be fun and helpful for the students.


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