Architects in School Program

Architects in School Program – This past Saturday I had my orientation for the Architects in School Program. I met up with our resident architect, Tim from U of O, and Celeste and Carlene from Willamette Primary School in the West Linn School District. I was pretty much the lone wolf in the pack at this orientation Saturday, being that I am one of 4 engineers volunteering time to help and have fun with the students. The event was geared more on how to educate the students in the classroom on architecture and structure. One of the break out sessions I attended was understanding the needs of your client. The end result was as follows:

Da Bear House

My client, a bear, purchased an old school house and wanted it converted to a home. We then had to determine what the needs were for our client and then build a working model to present to him at the project kick-off. So we gutted the school so he can have a cave to hibernate in, a large pool to bath in, a stream under the house to drag fish in for eating and finally, a big screen TV to watch the Chicago Bears. This might sound a little silly, but we are talking about working with children in 3rd-5th grade which would be fun for them.

So after meeting with our two teachers and the resident architect, my first task, along with the architect is to introduce ourselves to the students on the first day. This happens in March and I am planning to show some pictures of the projects I have worked on over the years, especially those that were under construction and the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Station 59 which is 4 blocks from their school. Also I will develop a fun building permit to issue to the class each week that they can post on the wall.

I am looking forward to the six-week volunteer time and it should be a great experience for the students. Once done their work will go on display at various locations as well as their school. Stay tuned for updates.


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