Architects in School Orientation

Architects in School Orientation – This Saturday is my orientation for the Architects in School program and I now know the school and that I am being partnered with an architectural student from University of Oregon. It should help being partnered with an architect being that I am not well versed with certain architectural aspects but I can add my structural experience having worked with architect for the past 23 years. We will be working with two different classes from a school in the West Linn area. The orientation will be at Portland State University for most of the day.


2 thoughts on “Architects in School Orientation

  1. Michael, I’m Carlene Rhoades – One the teachers that you’ll be working with. I’m looking forward to Saturday and appreciate your offer to work with us this year. This is my third year of AIS with 5th graders. I think you’ll enjoy working with our students. They’re enthusiastic about learning new things, designing and hands on activities.

    1. I am looking forward to meeting with you, Celeste and Tim. I have worked with children in the past, they can be fun when it comes to teaching new things. I use to take my youngest daughter to work on Take Your Daughter to Work days. She would take old my old unusable business cards and make a building out of them. She even made columns to support the floor. Too cute!

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